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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperiscopeper‧i‧scope /ˈperəskəʊp $ -skoʊp/ noun [countable]  TTWPMNa long tube with mirrors fitted in it, used to look over the top of something, especially to see out of a submarine
Examples from the Corpus
periscopeRear cockpit above features a periscope that seemingly makes the front occupant's head transparent.I've always found a periscope to be a very useful accessory in these conditions.Their plan, which involves a periscope, works in unexpected ways.And when they did, they moved very slowly, like a periscope.He scorned the use of a periscope, and stood and poked his head over the parapet.When I started circuit work that periscope, completely forgotten during the flight, made me jump just before touchdown.We upped periscope, identified it, then downed periscope.