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pickpick2 ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]CHOOSE if you can have your pick or take your pick of different things, you can choose which one you want Have a look at the menu and take your pick. He knew he could take his pick of any of the girls in the office. Sarah could have her pick of any university in the country.have/get first pick (of something) She always gets first pick of the videos.2 the pick of something3 [countable] informalCHOOSE your pick is the person or thing that you have chosen from a group syn choice There are a lot of good horses in the race, but Archimedes would be my pick.4 [countable]TZ a pickaxe5 [countable] informalAPM a small flat object that you use for pulling at the strings of a musical instrument such as a guitar syn plectrum ice pick
Examples from the Corpus
pickSelkirk and four soldiers, well-armed, carrying picks and shovels, were waiting rather self-consciously near the main gate.Mutombo, the fourth pick in the NBA draft, is averaging 19 points a game.Last season, his picks resulted in losses of $ 2,370.Jacksonville took Hardy with the second pick, leaving Rice.Instead, they still have the same seven picks, including the third overall and one in each round.I faxed each of them the list of no-load stocks and asked for their picks.They were armed with pick axe handles and staves.take ... pickTake your pick from bright colours, bold patterns or classic neutrals Dramatic colours look great with neutral, slimline pants.Berlin took their pick, then allowed Sotheby's to sell what was left over.There are all those extra rooms, she can take her pick.He also planned to recommend not one, but three solid pastoral candidates of whom the cardinal could take his pick.Big and bold or overdone, take your pick.Nemo or Popeye, take your pick.Savers take their pick and pay for the arrangements they want in today's prices.No, they take their pick.