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punchpunch2 ●●○ noun  1 [countable]HIT a quick strong hit made with your fist (=closed hand)punch in/on a punch in the kidneys I managed to land a punch on his chin. The two men started throwing punches (=trying to hit each other).2 [singular, uncountable]EFFECTIVE a strong effective way of expressing things that makes people interested Thirty years after it was written, Orton’s ‘Entertaining Mr Sloane’ still packs a punch.3 [countable, uncountable]DFD a drink made from fruit juice, sugar, water, and usually some alcohol a glass of hot punch4 hole_punch.jpg [countable]TZ a metal tool for cutting holes or for pushing something into a small hole5 a one-two punch6 not pull any/your punches7 beat somebody/something to the punch8 as pleased as punch pack a (hard) punch at pack1(8)COLLOCATIONSverbsthrow a punch (=try to hit someone)Rob was so angry that he turned round and threw a punch at the man.land a punch (=manage to hit someone)Then I began to land some good punches.give somebody a punchHe gave me a punch on the nose.deliver a punch formal (=hit someone)Who actually delivered the punch that killed the man?take a punch (=be hit, or deal well with being hit)I took a lot of punches but I gave a lot too.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + punch a hard/powerful punchMy stomach took a couple of hard punches.a good punchTyson landed one good punch but it wasn’t enough.a knockout punch (=a blow that knocks someone down so that they cannot get up again)In the fourth round, Lewis produced a knockout punch that ended the fight.
Examples from the Corpus
punchHis oh-so-careful slimy grin that lashed out and maimed as much as a punch or a kick.Mike gave me a punch on the arm.The mid-term exam hit her like a blind punch.Penalosa's lack of mobility is counter-balanced by his southpaw stance and hard punch.Thomas' novel loses its punch toward the end.The new Ford Mustang has a lot of punch.The defender now turns attacker, stepping quickly forward and striking with a reverse punch to his attacker's chest.a bowl of rum punchA superb rum punch had all the characteristics of merciful execution.I couldn't see more than three frames between standing still and throwing the punch.And heart disease took a one-two punch.throwing punchesBut this time, not to shadow-box, to merely practice circling and throwing punches inside the roped enclosure.I began throwing punches whenever I thought no one was looking.I began to imagine throwing punches at the Bashers.I saw men in red shirts throwing punches at an old man.The police say the two were drunk and abusive, and started throwing punches when asked for identification.Then immediately back-pedal as quickly as you can whilst throwing punches.packs a punchFor the first time in a long time, an Eddie Murphy movie packs a punch.At last - takeaway sandwiches with flavour that packs a punch!