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rasprasp2 noun  1 [singular]C a rough unpleasant soundrasp of the harsh rasp of her breathing2 [countable]TZ a metal tool with a rough surface that is used for shaping wood or metal
Examples from the Corpus
raspRoger lowered his voice to a rasp.Aeroplanes resound to the deafening rasp of anorak pen-pockets when passengers are told to fill in their landing cards.Surforms come in a range of styles, including flat rasps, planer-files, round files and block planes.There was something in his voice, a little rasp of feeling, that touched me.He answers in a high-pitched rasp that makes it sound as if his voice will fail him next.Except for the rasp of the crickets, it was very quiet.The bone of his jaw, the rasp of his beard, sent another great shiver through her.The coughing, the rustling of the newspapers, the rasp of coat buttons on table or chair exasperated his brooding.the rasp of a rake on dead leavesThe rasp of his fingers was distinct in the stillness.