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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsandersand‧er /ˈsændə $ -ər/ (also sanding machine) noun [countable]  sander.jpg TZan electric tool with a rough surface that moves very quickly, used for making surfaces smooth, especially the surface of wood
Examples from the Corpus
sanderA sander will be required to remove excess filler and shape it to match the existing timber.They rented 200-pound belt sanders and sanded floors, carefully taking boards out of closets to patch the really bad places.I tried to arrange guides on the drum sander but quickly gave up.This is still a relatively light machine, but the weight is equivalent to a conventional half-sheet orbital sander.Decker power sander or Sears Craftsman heavy-duty pressure-washer, unless you want to see it end up as a doorstop.He does not use lathes, power saws, power sanders or spray guns.The sander was exceptionally quiet to use.