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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshankshank /ʃæŋk/ noun  1 [countable]TZ a straight narrow part of a tool or object that connects the two ends a hammer shank2 [countable, uncountable] a piece of meat cut from the leg of an animal lamb shanks3 [countable usually plural]HBHHBA the part of an animal’s or a person’s leg between the knee and ankle4 (on) Shanks’s pony
Examples from the Corpus
shankParenti even suggests substituting beef shanks for oxtails; which are bony, like oxtails, but meatier.The iron shank is quite short and rather delicate, and the key has a small part of the bit surviving.Stars Restaurant offers braised lamb shank with black truffles for $ 24 and shirts for $ 15.Remove the lamb shanks with tongs, and when cool enough to handle, remove and shred the meat.Skew or corner chisels have the edge angled out of square to the shank.the shank of a buttonAdd a few veal shanks at a time and coat well with flour, shaking off any excess. 2.