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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtape measureˈtape ˌmeasure noun [countable]  tape_measure.jpg TZa long narrow band of cloth or steel, marked with centimetres, feet etc, used for measuring something
Examples from the Corpus
tape measureWhen you have guessed all these, get a tape measure and find the real sizes.Square the frame by pulling a tape measure from corner to corner to check diagonal measurements.They were asked to monitor their progress not only with scales but with a tape measure.Santa's first shock came from the tape measure - the Claus tum measured a bloated 47 inches.There they gently laid it down on top of the so-centimetre mark at the middle of the tape measure.You all saw that to begin with the tape measure stretched across from one side to the other, exactly.The tape measure is perfectly all right.