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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwo-handedˌtwo-ˈhanded adjective  1 HBHusing or needing both hands to do something a two-handed catch a two-handed sword2 TZa two-handed tool is used by two people together
Examples from the Corpus
two-handedDressing is a two-handed activity which is extremely difficult to do with only one hand.Macmillan decided on a two-handed approach.Borg himself revolutionised the game with his two-handed backhand and top spin from either side.Seles' powerful two-handed backhandThis is the nicest bunch of two-handed chest passers you have ever seen in your life.Witnesses said the motorist held the gun in a two-handed grip as he fired three shots.His sword was extended in two-handed guard and suddenly Rostov knew that he would never admit that he had been beaten.They unsheathed together and brought their swords forward two-handed into guard.So it did when he introduced a two-handed representation, Jan Leeming and myself.