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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflophouseflop‧house /ˈflɒphaʊs $ ˈflɑːp-/ noun [countable] American English informal  DLTa very cheap hotel where people can stay when they have very little money and nowhere to live syn doss house British English
Examples from the Corpus
flophouseI was beat, but I couldn't risk a motel or even a flophouse.I never met a client in a flophouse before, so I said I would.Wait till the captain comes out and tells us that the phone number I gave him is a flophouse up in Portland?One night I decided to try a flophouse, the only accommodation I could afford that night.Arriving there, he moved from flophouse to flophouse because none of his fellow tenants could endure his hacking cough.Graceland is there, already, centerpiece of 10 dozen doughnut shops and roadside flophouses.He is the same age I was during my night in the flophouse.