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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhotelierho‧tel‧i‧er /həʊˈtelieɪ, -liə $ ˌoʊtəlˈjeɪ, ˌhoʊ-/ noun [countable]  DLTsomeone who owns or manages a hotel
Examples from the Corpus
hotelierRead in studio A decision to cut a town's tourist budget by more than half has angered shopkeepers and hoteliers.Leisure and the Conference Market Many hoteliers believe that leisure facilities give them the edge over their competitors in relation to conference business.Many hoteliers, both independents and chain operators, feel they have to charge £50 or £100 to make a profit.We become doctors, nurses, hoteliers, lawyers or writers because our parents were.Mow small systems are technically feasible and schemes exist which involve the hotelier in no capital cost at all.The hotelier doesn't mind if you stay in your room.