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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeccamec‧ca /ˈmekə/ noun [singular]  DLTFAMOUSa place that many people want to visit for a particular reason syn magnetmecca for Florence is a mecca for students of art history.
Examples from the Corpus
meccaCharleston is a treasure chest of period architecture and a mecca for antiques buffs.Mountain View is becoming a mecca for Internet-related businesses.It would make California a mecca for shareholder lawsuits.What has made Lincoln such a mecca for executives throughout the United States who are looking for innovative new approaches to pay?Los Angeles was a sunny, easygoing mecca for crackpot religions and fantasies endorsed by the movie industry.Significantly, the on-site Job Placement Center, normally a frenzied mecca for the field, closed a day early.mecca forFlorida is a mecca for students during spring break.