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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpistepiste /piːst/ noun [countable] British English πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 DLTDSOa snow-covered slope which has been prepared for people to ski down β†’ off-piste2 β†’ across the piste
Examples from the Corpus
pisteβ€’ Phil Judd, of Ski Tech Systems, pulled off the deal which involved supplying enough matting to lay a 200m piste.β€’ Information abounds - piste maps are dispensed beside lift queues, weather forecasts are posted everywhere and broadcast incessantly.β€’ The map showed Reggane to be off the main piste.β€’ Your friends told us to follow the piste and we'd be sure to meet you head on.β€’ So, that's why I will not be heading for the piste this year.β€’ With the pistes almost empty, it was a skier's dream.β€’ It usually means clattering over ice and rocks down a three-foot-wide piste, in gale-force winds and horizontal rain.