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Date: 900-1000
Language: Late Latin
Origin: cappa 'covering for the head, cloak', perhaps from Latin caput 'head'


1 noun
cap1 S3 [countable]


a) DCC a type of flat hat that has a curved part sticking out at the front, and is often worn as part of a uniform:
a baseball cap
old men in flat caps
a chauffeur's peaked cap
b) DCC a covering that fits very closely to your head:
a swimming cap
a shower cap
c) a type of simple hat that fits very closely to your head, worn especially by women in the past:
a white lace cap


a protective covering that you put on the end or top of an object [= top]:
Make sure you put the cap back on the pen.
a bottle cap


an upper limit that is put on the amount of money that someone can earn, spend, or borrow:
a cap on local council spending


British English
a) if a sports person wins a cap or is given a cap, he or she is chosen to play for their country:
He won his first England cap against Wales in 1994.
b) a sports person who has played for his or her country:
Mason is one of two new caps in the team.

small explosive

a small paper container with explosive inside it, used especially in toy guns


MB a contraceptive made of a round piece of rubber that a woman puts inside her vagina [= diaphragm]

go cap in hand (to somebody)

British English go hat in hand American English to ask for money or help in a very respectful way, from someone who has a lot more power than you:
Elderly people should receive a heating allowance every winter, instead of having to go cap in hand to the government.
flat cap, ice cap, kneecap, mob cap, skull cap, toecap

; ➔ a feather in your cap

at feather1 (2)

; ➔ if the cap fits (, wear it)

at fit1 (8)

; ➔ put your thinking cap on

at thinking1 (3)

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