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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishLEGOLEG‧O /ˈleɡəʊ $ -oʊ/ noun [uncountable] trademark  DHTa toy made by the LEGO group, consisting of small plastic bricks that fit together to build things
Examples from the Corpus
LEGOIt's getting very lonely in the dusk and the river is fast disappearing, massive mudflats and a Lego landscape.He's only six and he's a Lego freak.It is not difficult to guess which countries will benefit from this supranational politico-economic Lego.We've been given Lego and we're learning to put things together in new ways.Into this economic context, women with small children fit like pieces of Lego.There's Lego all over the place.Keep it corked Carlsbad leaders can congratulate themselves for winning Lego when dozens of other cities wanted it.Put away your Lego and Sindy dolls, this is what they call Real Life.