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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpuppetpup‧pet /ˈpʌpɪt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 puppet.jpg DHTa model of a person or animal that you move by pulling wires or strings, or by putting your hand inside itpuppet show/theatre/play a 20-minute puppet showglove/hand/finger puppet2 CONTROLa person or organization that allows other people to control them and make their decisionspuppet of The government is in danger of becoming a mere puppet of the military.puppet government/regime/state (=a government etc controlled by a more powerful country or organization)
Examples from the Corpus
puppetIf you draw a face on it, even a paper bag can be a puppet.He was considered a puppet of the ruling party.Pete: wag your head like a puppet.In 1290, Edward I set up a puppet government in the Scottish lowlands.Right now she's carrying around a soft hand puppet, and takes it to her basket each night.He is using them like puppets.During the 70s many Eastern European leaders were merely puppets of the Kremlin.The puppets happen to be aliens.You can not use my daughter as your puppet, Saja!puppet show/theatre/playWill: For little kids it was better as a puppet show.The kids did some finger-painting and watched a puppet show and had a few stories read to them.Entries are invited from groups representing cabaret, dance, mime and puppet shows.Various exhibits and events run throughout the afternoon, including basketball games, puppet shows and clowns.The man behind the craze is currently touring the country in a one man and his puppets show.Was she remembering the last puppet show?On my third shelf, I had put all my puppets and they put on a small puppet show for me.The workroom was extremely tidy and four chairs were set in a row in front of the puppet theatre.puppet government/regime/stateThe head of that puppet state, Josef Tiso, was executed for war crimes in 1947.