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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrag dollˌrag ˈdoll / $ ˈ../ noun [countable]  DHTa soft doll made of cloth
Examples from the Corpus
rag dollThat was when Kleiber had given up the struggle and collapsed, limp and helpless as a rag doll.The second was propped, ungainly as a rag doll, against the far wall.She looked like a rag doll.Can't you see how obscene it is to get him dressed up and wheel him around like a big rag doll?Maddened by the limp rag doll banging against his legs, he veered to the left.This was how he remembered her, rather than as the cancer-pained rag doll he had nursed until her death.He grabbed her collar, dragging her clear and across the mud like a life-size rag doll.This rag doll treatment of our things is great fun for him.