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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseesawsee‧saw1 /ˈsiːsɔː $ -sɒː/ noun [countable]  1 seesaw.jpg DHTa piece of equipment that children play on, made of a board that is balanced in the middle, so that when one end goes up the other goes down syn teeter-totter American English2 a repeated movement from one state or condition to another and back again syn oscillation
Examples from the Corpus
seesawIt should be a seesaw affair.As soon as they try to see Agnes's mind it sinks down and up pops Perdita like a seesaw.Like the other end of a seesaw, Agnes rose. ` Where's Magrat?So, lie flat on your back over the pivot on a seesaw, and arrange yourself so that it balances.Which boy on the seesaw is heavy?It is rather like warfare, the seesaw of offensive and defensive, of tank armour and the high-velocity penetrating bullet.