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Date: 1300-1400
Language: Middle Low German
Origin: 'course, way, track'


1 noun
trade1 S3 W1


[uncountable] the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods within a country or between countries [= commerce]
trade between
There has been a marked increase in trade between East and West.
trade in
Trade in ivory has been banned since 1990.
the arms/drug/slave etc trade (=the buying and selling of weapons, drugs etc)
balance of trade, free trade

➔ trade war

at war (3)

the hotel/tourist etc trade

the business done by companies, hotels etc [↪ industry]:
Working on Saturdays is usual in the retail trade.

amount of business

[uncountable] British English business activity, especially the amount of goods or products that are sold [= business]:
A lot of pubs nowadays do most of their trade at lunchtimes.
passing trade (=customers who go into a shop when they are passing it, not regular customers)
Souvenir shops rely mainly on passing trade.

➔ do a roaring trade

at roaring (3)

an exchange of things

[singular] American English
a) when you exchange something you have for something that someone else has:
Let's make a trade - my frisbee for your baseball.
b) when a player on a sports team is exchanged for a player from another team:
The Celtics star demanded a trade after talks with management broke down.

the trade

a particular kind of business, and the people who are involved in it:
I could get Ron to look at your car for you; he works in the trade.


[uncountable and countable]BO a particular job, especially one needing special skill with your hands:
Brian insisted that his sons learn a trade.
My grandfather was a plumber by trade (=that was his job).
tools of your trade (=the things that you need to do your job)