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1 noun
bar‧gain1 [countable]
1BBT something you buy cheaply or for less than its usual price:
There are no bargains in the clothes shops at the moment.
It's an attractive little home, and I think it's a bargain.
That second-hand table was a real bargain.
Good knives don't come at bargain prices.
Thousands of bargain hunters (=people looking for things to buy at low prices) queued up for hours.
2 an agreement, made between two people or groups to do something in return for something else
make/strike a bargain
Management and unions have struck a bargain over wage increases.
I've kept my side of the bargain and I expect you to keep yours.

➔ drive a hard bargain

at hard1 (18)

into the bargain

also in the bargain American English in addition to everything else:
I am now tired, cold, and hungry, with a headache into the bargain.

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