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boomboom2 ●○○ verb  1 [intransitive usually in progressive]SUCCESSFUL if business, trade, or a particular area is booming, it is increasing and being very successful Business was booming, and money wasn’t a problem. Tourism on the island has boomed.2 CSAY (also boom out) [transitive] to say something in a loud deep voice ‘Ladies and gentlemen, ’ his voice boomed out.3 C (also boom out) [intransitive] to make a loud deep sound Guns boomed in the distance.booming adjective a booming economy→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
boomCellnet has 800,000 subscribers, and business is booming.Coastal development and tourism are booming.Lower marginal rates would also improve work incentives and shrink the black economy, which is said to be booming.Tourism boomed here in the late 1990s.Every time Peter said a word, his father would boom him.I boomed one drive 265 yards.A crash of thunder boomed so loudly that the floor shook.We're happy to report that business is booming this year.Business ... boomingIt has 600,000 mobile phone subscribers and business is booming.People migrated into the villages and towns of the coalfield where business was booming.When their businesses were booming, they could afford to pose as tough-talking entrepreneurs keen to take on the telephone companies.Its paging business was booming, and annual operating profits broke the $ 1 billion mark.Business is booming for an Avis franchisee in the Carolinas despite well-publicized allegations of racial discrimination against customers.Schilling fought it, but since business was booming, he was shouted down.Business is also booming in the Far East, though Hong Kong suffered from higher costs and increased import duties.Or else because business was booming, the money was there, and the experiments might just possibly pay off some day.