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boomboom2 ●○○ verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [intransitive usually in progressive]SUCCESSFUL if business, trade, or a particular area is booming, it is increasing and being very successful πŸ”Š Business was booming, and money wasn’t a problem. πŸ”Š Tourism on the island has boomed.2 CSAY (also boom out) [transitive] to say something in a loud deep voice πŸ”Š β€˜Ladies and gentlemen, ’ his voice boomed out.3 C (also boom out) [intransitive] to make a loud deep sound πŸ”Š Guns boomed in the distance. β€”booming adjective πŸ”Š a booming economyβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
boomβ€’ Cellnet has 800,000 subscribers, and business is booming.β€’ Coastal development and tourism are booming.β€’ Lower marginal rates would also improve work incentives and shrink the black economy, which is said to be booming.β€’ Tourism boomed here in the late 1990s.β€’ Every time Peter said a word, his father would boom him.β€’ I boomed one drive 265 yards.β€’ A crash of thunder boomed so loudly that the floor shook.β€’ We're happy to report that business is booming this year.Business ... boomingβ€’ It has 600,000 mobile phone subscribers and business is booming.β€’ People migrated into the villages and towns of the coalfield where business was booming.β€’ When their businesses were booming, they could afford to pose as tough-talking entrepreneurs keen to take on the telephone companies.β€’ Its paging business was booming, and annual operating profits broke the $ 1 billion mark.β€’ Business is booming for an Avis franchisee in the Carolinas despite well-publicized allegations of racial discrimination against customers.β€’ Schilling fought it, but since business was booming, he was shouted down.β€’ Business is also booming in the Far East, though Hong Kong suffered from higher costs and increased import duties.β€’ Or else because business was booming, the money was there, and the experiments might just possibly pay off some day.