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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuyerbuy‧er /ˈbaɪə $ -ər/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 BUYsomeone who buys something expensive such as a house or car opp seller, vendor There were several potential buyers. discounts for first-time buyers2 BOBBTsomeone whose job is to choose and buy the goods for a shop or company a buyer for a chain store
Examples from the Corpus
buyerWe couldn't find a buyer for our house, so we weren't able to move after all.Secondly, there is a buyer credit where a bank in the exporter's country provides a loan to the importer.Whether that will be enough to convince buyers to stick around remains to be seen.Lower house prices should attract more buyers.It is the force which subjects producers and resource suppliers to the dictates of buyer or consumer sovereignty.Access to the Internet did not much excite these older buyers either.They've had a lot of enquiries about the company - there's no shortage of potential buyers.But what will happen when the holders of all those assets outnumber the buyers?This will be the position provided the goods perished before any had been delivered to the buyer.One is perfect for the first-time buyer or those seeking a second base, and the other is an ideal family home.first-time buyersHowever, those who really need help, including all first-time buyers, will benefit from the Government's give-away.Cameron's study indicates that the first-time residents in this scheme were largely young, white-collar, first-time buyers.We will seek new arrangements to enable first-time buyers to concentrate relief in the early years.This meant first-time buyers would have to pay an average of £32,700 for their home in 1991.The result is that first-time buyers now have to find at least 6% of the valuation to put down in advance.Stephen Tyler-Upfield wants to switch from conversions into building for the first-time buyers he believes are now increasing there.With it he brought good news to first-time buyers, who could save up to £600 on the purchase of their first home.In particular you should ask: i. - Are they building any low-cost homes for sale to first-time buyers? ii.