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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconcessionairecon‧ces‧sion‧aire /kənˌseʃəˈneə $ -ˈner/ noun [countable]  BBTsomeone who has been given the right to have a business in a particular place, especially in a place owned by someone else
Examples from the Corpus
concessionaireThe government has set June 11 as the deadline for submitting bids, and hopes to select a concessionaire by July 3.He notes that his lawyers regularly shoo away concessionaires who use images of the Empire State Building without permission.Note: Lake Merced North will receive trophy-size trout from the park concessionaire.The capitalist tenant, the concessionaire and so forth will similarly have a firm base in the growing economically petty-bourgeois element.The concessionaire will also be expected to supply the necessary fleet of DMUs and the maintenance and stabling depot.This sees control of most assets handed over to one, two or three concessionaires, possibly for 25 years.