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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh streetˈhigh street noun British English  1 [countable]BBTSHOP/STORE the main street of a town where most of the shops and businesses are Camden High Streetin/on the high street A new bookshop had opened in the high street.high street banks/shops/stores etc2 the high street
Examples from the Corpus
high streetThe problem is that there's little to offer in between; high street quality seems almost a contradiction in terms.But once you look at the £10 to £15 bracket, high street champagne is definitely a good deal more impressive.Its front door opened on to an average Cotswold high street.The savings we make by supplying direct are passed on to you ... up to 50% can be saved off high street prices.The high street banks typically charge more than 18 per cent for an authorised overdraft.high street banks/shops/stores etcCareer development loans are also available from high street banks.Even the lower rate makes the offerings from other high street banks look miserly.And ten years later most other high street stores were following suit.However, Halifax is the first of the high street banks to offer generous returns on current accounts.The high street banks typically charge more than 18 per cent for an authorised overdraft.The high street shops will feel the draught most keenly.Look for these products in your high street stores or write for stockists and further information to Abbey Kapok & Fillings, .