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mark-up in Trade topic

mark-upˈmark-up British English, markup American English /ˈmɑːkʌp $ ˈmɑːrk-/ noun [countable]  BBTan increase in the price of something, especially from the price a shop pays for something to the price it sells it formark up The retailer’s mark-up is 50%.
Examples from the Corpus
mark-upThe existence of a mark-up has to be taken into account when considering the response to a corporate tax.They're probably cheaper than Selina, come to think of it, what with the hotel mark-up.Context-tables use the same troff -like mark-up as the rest of a document.Given the mark-up on room service, he quite likes it.If there were to be a reduction in the mark-up, then this would further reinforce the effect.The client must be told the hourly rate charged and the extent of the mark-up for skill, care and attention.The mark-up should be fair and reasonable, the speculator being reimbursed for both time and enterprise.