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orderorder2 ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 ask for food/drink [intransitive, transitive] to ask for food or a drink in a restaurant, bar etc Anne ordered another glass of wine. Are you ready to order? He sat down and ordered a meal.see thesaurus at ask2 ask for goods [intransitive, transitive]BBTASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO something to ask for goods or services to be supplied I’ve ordered a new computer from the supplier.order somebody something I’ll order you a taxi.3 tell somebody to do something [transitive]TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something to tell someone that they must do something, especially using your official power or authority The court ordered his release from prison. ‘Stay right there, ’ she ordered.order somebody to do something Tom was ordered to pay £300 as compensation. Her doctor had ordered her to rest for a week.be ordered back to something The soldiers were ordered back to their units.order that He ordered that the house be sold.4 arrange [transitive]ARRANGE A GROUP OF THINGS OR PEOPLE to arrange something in an order The list is ordered alphabetically.THESAURUSMeaning 3: to tell someone that they must do something, especially using your official power or authorityto tell someone they must do somethingorder to tell someone that they must do something, using your official power or authorityA policeman ordered him to stop.He ordered his men to put down their weapons.‘Don’t move, ’ he ordered.tell to say to someone that they must do somethingStop telling me what to do!The headmaster told me to wait outside his office.give orders/instructions to tell someone exactly what they must doThe police chief gave orders to shoot.The doctor gave instructions that she should rest as much as possible.command used about a high-ranking person such as a general, captain, or king ordering someone to do somethingThe general commanded the troops to fall back. They believe that the Lord has commanded them to do this.instruct formal to tell someone to do something, especially when you tell them exactly how it should be doneThe architect was instructed to keep the plans simple.She took three tablets every day, as instructed by her doctor.direct to give someone an official or legal order to do somethingThe judge directed the jury to find her not guilty.subpoena /səˈpiːnə, səb-/ to officially order someone to appear in a court of law in order to answer questionsAnother three of the president’s advisors were subpoenaed. order somebody around order somebody ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
order"Don't move", he ordered."Put your hands up!" the officer ordered.Let the arcs of the net be ordered.Haverford ordered a coffee and a cognac italiano per favore.So, too, Equity might order a document executed under a mistake to be rectified.Would you like to order a drink before dinner?After the accident the government ordered a full public enquiry.We had ordered a pale blue armchair but the one that was delivered was dark green.The psychology books are ordered according to title, not according to author.In tribute, Clinton Thursday ordered all Arleigh Burke class destroyers to steam at noon for five minutes at 31 knots.But Joe does not argue or order another; the bartender has put him in a good mood.Only the king has the power to order her release from prison.Therefore, you are ordered herewith to shut up about the Marlins' payroll.She pointed her gun at him, ordering him out of the room.The colonel ordered his men to advance.The desks were neatly ordered in rows.I'm afraid we don't have that book in stock, but we can order it for you.He also ordered that all public meetings or conferences had to be cleared with the Mayor's office three days in advance.The court ordered that Gilmore should be executed.Herrera ordered that this inhuman practice must cease and proposed to put recruiting on a voluntary basis.A man with a gun ordered the woman to give him all her money.He was ordered to pay £4000 towards the court costs of £10,000.He was ordered to pay a total of £65 compensation.It wasn't until 1973 that Nixon finally ordered US troops out of Vietnam.order somebody somethingMaybe we should order John a drink too.order thatWorse, Joe heard that Johnson had ordered that all transactions between Defense and State be channeled through him.Put them in the order that Anna sees them.It is precisely the integration of cybernetic mechanisms in a hierarchical order that enables animals to develop the more complex cognitive functions.Joseph of Medaille, an order that has only a few convents in the United States, one of them in Crookston.The court has the power to order that illegal copies of the movie be destroyed.They should be numbered on all drafts in order that revisions will be easily referred to in the writing process.He then ordered that the house be destroyed.Their dead they buried at the summit in order that their souls find the path to heaven more easily.A federal court has ordered that this must be done by June 1st; voters have already turned down one plan.