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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpacketpack‧et /ˈpækɪt/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  1 a) British EnglishBBTCONTAIN/HOLD a container made of paper, plastic, or cardboard that something is sold inpacket of a packet of envelopes a packet of cigarettes a cereal packet b) American English a small flat paper or plastic container that a liquid or powder is sold in syn sachet British English packets of ketchup and mustard2 especially British English a small flat package that is sent by post or delivered to someone Paul tore open the packet as soon as it arrived. pay packet3 cost a packet4 technical a quantity of information that is sent as a single unit from one computer to another on a network or on the Internet
Examples from the Corpus
packetThe Budget doubles the price of beer and puts 3d on a 9d packet of cigarettes.Each publisher had sent it back, in a packet addressed to Currer Bell.The eggs of this species are shed in a packet - that is several stuck together - and sink.I mean, I don't think a packet of crisps and a choc ice is a very spiritual vision.a packet of carrot seedsWe received our membership packets in the mail.Make up Pasta Choice as per packet instructions.The women work exclusively in the packing department, putting coffee into different size packets.The small packets were on the bottom shelf, medium on the middle shelf and large packets on the top.The packet is posted on the electronic bulletin board, and Felton himself reads them all, responding to many himself.