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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeddleped‧dle /ˈpedl/ verb [transitive]  1 to sell goods to people, especially goods that people disapprove of because they are illegal, harmful, or of not very high qualitypush, deal They were accused of peddling drugs. people who peddle cigarettes to young children2 BBTSELLto try to sell things to people, especially by going from place to place Farmers come to Seoul to peddle rice. a door-to-door salesman peddling his wares (=selling his goods)see thesaurus at sell3 TCSPREADto try to persuade people to accept an opinion or idea which is wrong or false politicians peddling instant solutions to long-standing problems→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
peddleNot to be missed is Water at Work, in which peddling a bicycle produces the energy necessary to create a tornado.She apparently also used her contacts there to peddle a catalog for a merchandise corporation.Others are peddling an assortment of get-rich-quick schemes.They are the favorite targets of the boys who steal a few hours from shining shoes, peddling candy and gathering firewood.She now peddles cheap jewelry on TV.Stricter punishments will be given to those convicted of peddling drugs to children.Street vendors peddled flowers and candles.Mattan and the yellow jersey were right in the middle of the pack as it peddled hard in the blistering heat.Belloni started her bakery business by peddling her homemade bread to local stores.The gang earned as much as $10 million a month peddling heroin and cocaine.Melendez's gang made up to $10 million a month peddling heroin.In 1990, peddling himself to the voters as a successful businessman, he was elected governor.Councilman Cobb is peddling his idea for a new freeway.Thornhill has been peddling his rape thesis for years without much attention.