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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplazapla‧za /ˈplɑːzə $ ˈplæzə/ noun [countable]  1 TTRAREAa public square or market place surrounded by buildings, especially in towns in Spanish-speaking countries2 BBTSHOP/STOREa group of shops and other business buildings in a town, usually with outdoor areas between them mall
Examples from the Corpus
plazaThose alterations included enlarged pueblos replete with central plazas and square kivas.Oak Hill Plazaa service plazaAcross the plaza is another exquisite colonial building, which houses the offices of the state government.We burst from the darkness into the hard white morning heat of the plaza, at a dead run.It showed the other Rex, who was standing on the plaza before the building waving his arms about.In the late 1960s I went regularly to the plaza cinema in the Isles of Scilly.By afternoon the town plaza was full.Such renderings always show pleasant sunny weather, and slim and elegant people walking in corners of treelined plazas.These tall, uniform boxes are set back from the street, isolated by windswept plazas.