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priceprice2 ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 BBTto decide the price of something that is for sale a reasonably priced apartmentbe priced at something Tickets are priced at £75 each. Grammar Price is usually passive in this meaning.2 BBTCOSTto put the price on goods to show how much they cost3 COMPAREto compare the prices of things We spent Saturday morning pricing microwaves.4 price yourself out of the marketCOLLOCATIONSadverbshighly priced (=expensive)The clothes shops all seemed to be full of highly priced designer clothes.reasonably priced (=not too expensive)The food was good and reasonably priced.moderately priced (=not expensive)On the outskirts of many towns, you will find moderately priced motels.competitively/keenly priced (=not expensive compared with similar things)Lower costs meant that Japanese exports remained competitively priced.modestly priced (=cheap)There are some very modestly priced artificial plants to be had.attractively priced (=not expensive)These figurines are attractively priced at £32. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pricePorsche said its new 911 Carrera 4s would be very competitively priced.These shoes are pretty reasonably priced.For weekend breaks only, the Holiday Inn Hotel is also priced at this grade even though it is a 5 star hotel.Please get your fruit and vegetables weighed and priced before you take them to the checkout.It was this that suggested that there had been pricing errors which lead to the suspension of the trusts.Unsurprisingly, supermarkets are the loudest advocates of free pricing, followed closely by mass booksellers.Specials are items that are priced less than their regular price for a period of time, perhaps only one day.In Chapter 6 the variant known as the arbitrage pricing model will be presented.The debentures were priced to yield 25 basis points more than comparable U. S. Treasury notes.The notes, which are noncallable for one year, were priced to yield 69 basis points above comparable Treasurys.I've been pricing VCRs.be priced at somethingMr Fothergill's 1991 seed catalogue includes a fully functional model which has a traditional iron wheel and is priced at £179.Tickets are expected to be priced at $ 29.95 for adults and $ 19.95 for children ages 4 to 13.Two-day advance ticket packages for Friday and Saturday are priced at $ 44.A svelte-looking black velvet off-the-shoulder number, with ostrich feather trim, was priced at £59.99.The flat is priced at £69,950, which Gary Herman thinks may be a little high.The debt, which is noncallable, was priced at a spread of 55 basis points above Treasurys.The debentures, which are noncallable, were priced at a spread of 75 basis points to comparable Treasurys.This provides a useful service for the retailer, since the goods then do not have to be priced at the shop.