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purchasepurchase2 ●○○ AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable] formalBBTBUY something you buy, or the act of buying it She paid for her purchases and left.day/date/time of purchase This product should be consumed on the day of purchase. I enclose my receipt as proof of purchase.purchase of a loan towards the purchase of a new car She made two purchases from my stall. hire purchase, purchase price2 [singular] formalHOLD a firm hold on somethinggain/get a purchase on something The ice made it impossible to get a purchase on the road.
Examples from the Corpus
purchaseHolman attempted to gain a purchase on the narrow ledge.The company said the additional line of credit will be used to finance the daily purchase of auto receivables prior to securitization.This coupon will give you ten dollars off any fifty dollar purchase at the store.The Brady law appears to establish a uniform set of rules for handgun purchases.Torney, who hoards old Harley-Davidson metallic signs for his own pleasure, was proud of his purchase that Sunday.In addition individuals' savings have been directed into house purchase, rather than into productive investment opportunities.Otherwise that consumer could rearrange purchases out of a given income to make himself or herself better off.The loan was supposed to be used for the purchase of a house.The money will be used for the purchase of $40,000 worth of computer equipment.Radio Investments has taken its stake in Kent-based radio station Invicta Sound to 10.47 percent through the purchase of another 1.39 percent.Leroy was involved with the purchase in Paris of the first paintings for the newly incorporated Metropolitan Museum of Art.No provision was made for the payment to Co-operative retail stores of dividends on their purchases from the Agency.day/date/time of purchaseIf you're at all dissatisfied, simply return your order within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the unit price.They offer a good deal if interest rates, high at the time of purchase, subsequently fall.gain/get a purchase on somethingIf it is made of a slightly rough material it gives the caterpillar something to get a purchase on.