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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpurveyorpur‧vey‧or /pɜːˈveɪə $ pɜːrˈveɪər/ noun [countable usually plural]  formalBBTSELL a business that supplies goods, services, or information purveyors of farmyard-fresh poultry
Examples from the Corpus
purveyorLleland and Marvin were ample purveyors of it, as were their deputies.I shall vote Tory because the Tories are purveyors to the quality.She became taxi driver, purveyor of fine wines, lender of lurex and drag-hag extraordinaire.Part of the key to the food's magnificent taste is that Shaheen talks to his purveyors on a daily basis.Truth is a mutable commodity, even among its purveyors.Petrossian Inc. is the world's largest purveyor of caviar.Lord Jeffrey Archer, 52 A major purveyor of Tory gossip and still looking for a job.There was no news from the purveyor of health foods and other products to explain the rise.This is a concept new to the auto industry but old hat to purveyors of soap, suds and soup.