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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrelaunchre‧launch /ˈriːlɔːntʃ $ -lɒːntʃ/ noun [countable]  BBTa new effort to sell a product that is already on salerelaunch /riːˈlɔːntʃ $ -ˈlɒːntʃ/ verb [transitive] The product is being relaunched with a new name.
Examples from the Corpus
relaunchAlexon embarked on a relaunch of its Essex brand last summer, aimed at the older, shorter woman.A solid deal, and possibly a relaunch of the product, will happen by year-end, says Interactive.There were hints before the local elections, rumours of some sort of relaunch of the Left.Sceptics suggest the Minitel's relaunch is little more than a stay of execution.Noble stores before the relaunch, believes it will become a best seller this time around.It has created PoS material and products will be on offer at 99p for the relaunch.In the 1970s it turned over more than £50 million, but it sank last year after an unsuccessful relaunch.