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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishretailre‧tail1 /ˈriːteɪl/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  BBTthe sale of goods in shops to customers, for their own use and not for selling to anyone elsewholesalethe retail trade/business a manager with twenty years’ experience in the retail businessretail outlet/shop/store/chain We are looking for more retail outlets for our products. a retail price of £8.99 The retail value would be around $500. Retail sales fell by 1.3% in January.
Examples from the Corpus
retailLast month, it reported a Pounds 15.6m retail trading loss for the first half.I worked in retail for two years.I've worked in retail for two years.The fastest job growth until 2002: Cashiers, janitors, retail salespeople, waiters, waitresses, nurses, systems analysts.Demolition would pave the way for a major retail and leisure complex masterplan, devised by Damond Lock Grabowski.The firm has bagged a £26 million retail and residential deal in Manchester for Prudential.The retail element is highly fragmented and therefore, historically, mail-order has been an important purchasing element.Retail salesFour Merchandisers now support the Retail Sales Force, erecting displays of carpets and curtains within the shops.