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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsalesale /seΙͺl/ ●●● S1 W1 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [countable, uncountable]BBT when you sell somethingsale of πŸ”Š The use and sale of marijuana remains illegal. πŸ”Š Harvey gets a $50 commission every time he makes a sale (=sells something as part of his job). πŸ”Š Car salesmen will often bring down the price rather than lose a sale (=fail to sell something). πŸ”Š arms sales to Iran2 β†’ sales3 β†’ for sale4 β†’ on sale5 [countable]BBTCHEAP a period of time when shops sell their goods at lower prices than usual πŸ”Š Marsdon’s department store is having a sale this week.the sales British English (=when all the shops have a sale) πŸ”Š I picked up some real bargains in the January sales this year.6 [countable]BBTSELL an event at which things are sold to the person who offers the highest price syn auction πŸ”Š a sale of 17th-century paintings7 β†’ sales drive/campaign8 β†’ sales pitch/talk9 β†’ (on) sale or return β†’ bill of sale, jumble sale, point of saleCOLLOCATIONS – Meaning 1: when you sell somethingverbsmake a sale (=sell something as part of your job)A salesman may communicate perfectly well with a customer but fail to make a sale.lose a sale (=fail to sell something)Harry lost the sale because he was not persistent enough.adjectivesa quick saleHe wants a quick sale, so he might reduce the price.COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 2: ADJECTIVES/NOUN + salesstrong (=good)The company has reported continuing strong sales.disappointingSales for the first three months of this year were disappointing.record sales (=better than ever before)The Ford Fiesta has achieved record sales in Italy.car/ticket/book etc salesCar sales have fallen every month for the past two years.annual salesThe company has annual sales of over $300 million.worldwide salesWorldwide sales of wine are increasing.retail sales (=sales of things to the public in shops)The volume of retail sales was 0.3 percent higher than in the previous quarter.export sales (=sales of things to other countries)Export sales rose for the sixth consecutive month.high-street sales British English (=in shops in towns and cities)Last month saw record high-street sales.verbssales increase/rise/grow/go upSales rose by 9% last year.sales fall/drop/go down (=become lower)European sales have fallen by 12%.sales improveSales are expected to improve over the coming year.sales soar (=increase quickly and by a large amount)Computer sales soared as prices continued to come down.sales slump (=decrease quickly and by a large amount)Meat sales have slumped following the most recent health scare. sales + NOUNsales figuresThe company said its sales figures continued to show growth.a sales targetIt achieved only 20% of its sales target.the sales force (=the people who sell a company's products)The sales force had grown from 40 to 270.sales performance (=how much a company sells)There has been an encouraging improvement in sales performance.the sales forecast (=how much a company expects to sell)The sales forecast is for a 12% increase in sales over the current year.phrasesan increase/growth in salesThe company is expecting a 20% increase in sales next year.a fall/drop in salesSome jobs may be cut following a big drop in sales.the volume of sales (=the amount of goods a company sells)Because of its high volume of sales, the company can keep prices low.
Examples from the Corpus
saleβ€’ Amelia bought her jacket at a sale for twenty dollars.β€’ There's going to be a sale at Macy's next week.β€’ The bookstore across the street is having a sale.β€’ an exhibit and sale of Chinese artβ€’ The declaration exposed him to accusations of hypocrisy after each revelation of arms sales to dubious regimes.β€’ Deb's biggest sale today was a guitar for $500.β€’ All the Christmas sales start right after Thanksgiving.β€’ a craft saleβ€’ In addition to the conference, a one day sales training course was held the day before.β€’ Last year saw half of privately-held Tivoli's revenues come from sales of Tivoli Works, the framework, toolkits and services.β€’ Toll Brothers Inc., a builder of luxury homes, is seeing a rapid rise in its sales.β€’ I got this coat for half price in the January sales.β€’ The emphatic answer is that it is not a contract of sale.β€’ Five further drawings were purchased after the sale from dealers, again with outside support.β€’ The company declined to give a timetable for the sale.β€’ Huizenga was expected to announce the details of the sale Thursday afternoon at news conference at Pro Player Stadium.lose ... saleβ€’ The regional newspaper industry may also lose sales.β€’ In the 1967 epidemic more than 2,300 infections were reported, which cost the country Β£150million in slaughter costs and lost sales.β€’ However, the trailer's loss was not merely nominal because he had lost a sale.β€’ Foot-and-mouth has already cost Β£51million in lost sales of livestock.β€’ Thus when one purchaser backed out, the trader did not lose a sale.the salesβ€’ There were other ways to advertise that could keep the warnings at a minimum, and the sales of cigarettes zooming.β€’ Cheryl also handles all car phone arrangements for the sales team, negotiating rates with the phone companies.β€’ Think back to the day Joan Yancey of Tandem returned from the sales conference.β€’ A Production Budget is prepared on the basis of the Sales Budget.β€’ The name of the sales person who made each sale; 5.β€’ Answer guide: They have no direct effect but often the debtor is the other side of the sales entry.β€’ Once the desired sales price is deter-mined, a desired amount will be deducted from the sales price for profit.β€’ This may result in a product specification being drawn up in which the sales engineers may have an influence.