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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshowroomshow‧room /ˈʃəʊrʊm, -ruːm $ ˈʃoʊ-/ noun [countable]  BBTa large room where you can look at things that are for sale, such as cars or electrical goods a car showroom
Examples from the Corpus
showroomMelinda says she can sell her services 40 percent cheaper than when she had a showroom.Llanthony Warehouse was for many years a showroom and store for Western Trading Co.Right: Anne in the Anta showroom with an appropriate reminder of the Highlands of home.She paused just inside her showroom, looking round with a sense of achievement.Up to 40 percent off showroom suites.For more information or a copy of our brochure, please visit our showrooms or telephone /3220.The Detroit-based company set out last year to close some poorly performing showrooms and move others to better locations.A memento of your visit may be purchased in the small showroom.