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specialspecial2 noun [countable usually singular]  1 DIFFERENTUNUSUALsomething that is not usual or ordinary, and is made or done for a special purpose a TV special on the election2 BBTCHEAP especially American English a lower price than usual for a particular product for a short period of time syn special offer a lunch special for $4.99be on special Breyer’s ice cream is on special this week.
Examples from the Corpus
specialIn addition to the regular menu, daily specials are offered.Open all day with drink specials.A chalkboard with scribbled house specials changes daily.Today's lunch special is smoked salmon with rice.EastEnders has occasional specials in which two people, nearly always women, talk about birth or copulation or death.However, a number of specials are worth making.We have Bud beer 6-packs on special at $5.The specials, publicized only on the Internet and good for weekend getaways, are far lower than any other fares.We watched an interesting TV special on coyotes in Yellowstone Park.be on specialShe was respectfully requested to keep the fact he is on special assignment to herself and her immediate family.