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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuperstoresu‧per‧store /ˈsuːpəstɔː $ -pərstɔːr/ ●●○ noun [countable]  BBTSHOP/STOREa very large shop that sells a large variety of or one type of product a DIY superstore
Examples from the Corpus
superstoreThe application features a superstore, petrol filling station, car park and residential development.The competition between superstores and malls has gotten so bad that some companies are cannibalizing themselves.Chain superstores are crowded, yet the fastest-growing sales sector by far is on the Internet.The system has become more efficient in recent years as computer superstores have replaced smaller computer dealers and distributors.In the other local superstores, people have only one thing on their minds, but it is not romance.The town already has a Tesco's superstore as well as a Waitrose which is just being built.A new Tesco superstore is being planned for the site.Froke said he has kept sales healthy despite competition from the superstore six blocks away by focusing on corporate sales.You can also buy the individual components from a department store, d-i-y superstore or by mail order from Woodfit.