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take-upˈtake-up noun [uncountable] British English πŸ”Š πŸ”Š BBTthe rate at which people accept something that is offered to them πŸ”Š Take-up for college places has been slow.
Examples from the Corpus
take-upβ€’ This was not mentioned and highlights the intricacies of benefit take-up.β€’ To date, however, take-up has been disappointing.β€’ This increased take-up is a result of the in-service training programme aimed directly at teachers.β€’ He is also concerned about the low take-up of conducting case conferences by telephone.β€’ Nowhere was this clearer than in moralists' take-up of scientific logic and a language of rationality.β€’ Assuming a proportionally similar take-up on university validated courses, there were about 8,500 students on all Dip.HE courses.β€’ Up to Β£2 million has been budgeted for the special needs grant but the amount spent will depend on the take-up.β€’ The take-up has been disappointing in some respects, with the most highly motivated members attending several courses.