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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrademarktrade‧mark /ˈtreɪdmɑːk $ -mɑːrk/ noun [countable]  1 BBTa special name, sign, or word that is marked on a product to show that it is made by a particular company, that cannot be used by any other company2 RECOGNIZEa particular way of behaving, dressing etc by which someone or something can be easily recognized The striped T-shirt became the comedian’s trademark.
Examples from the Corpus
trademarkThe knack for capturing the voice of each character, a trademark of Bogosian as performer, flags at times here.The researchers relied on the ability of the material to repel a magnetic field, a trademark of superconductors.Eyes shaded by his trademark red cap, Chick Cashman settles into the small booth, facing me across the Formica table.Large hats became Abzug's trademark.But attention to detail is the director's trademark.The updated suspension includes a more stylish link for the trademark Telelever front end, together with a new shock.