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wholesalewholesale2 ●○○ adjective  1 BBTrelating to the business of selling goods in large quantities at low prices to other businesses, rather than to the general publicretail wholesale prices2 BIG[usually before noun] affecting almost everything or everyone, and often done without any concern for the results the capture and wholesale destruction of a city This company will not be successful until there are wholesale changes.wholesale adverb I can get it for you wholesale.
Examples from the Corpus
wholesaleNor does there seem to have been any wholesale burning of books and manuscripts.Banks were able to bid aggressively for wholesale deposits and to take in funds in return for the issue of certificates of deposit.As Figure 17.6 shows, wholesale funding has accounted for a growing share of the building societies' total funding.There may be speculation that wholesale prices will fall further, he said.The shopkeeper buys his fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices.What we need is a wholesale restructuring of the process.