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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwholesalerwhole‧sal‧er /ˈhəʊlˌseɪlə $ ˈhoʊlˌseɪlər/ noun [countable]  BBTSELLa person or company who sells goods wholesaleretailer
Examples from the Corpus
wholesalerThe cozy, family-owned shop is not only a full-service florist, but a wholesaler as well.Consolidated Stores is a retailer and wholesaler of close-out merchandise.Who benefits from this kind of hand-to-hand wrestling among retailers and wholesalers?Fisherman are involved in a price dispute with fish wholesalers.The early morning market is for wholesalers only, the general public have to wait until later in the day.Edwin Hodgson, wholesaler of decorative ironmongery, died in 1854 aged thirty-eight.In addition, it is seeking to bring the credit periods it offers wholesalers into line, at 60 days.The fifth area relates to wholesalers and distribution costs.