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train‧ing S3 W1
1 [singular, uncountable] the process of teaching or being taught the skills for a particular job or activity [↪ train]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
give somebody training receive/undergo training a training course/programme/session a training session a training manual (=a book you use in training) on-the-job training (=while doing a job rather than in a classroom) in-service training (=while working for an employer rather than at college etc) teacher training (=training you do to become a teacher) staff/management training basic training (=the first training that a soldier receives)
training in
On the course we received training in every aspect of the job.
Police drivers have to undergo intensive training.
On-the job training will be supplemented by classroom lectures.
The shop opens late on Fridays because of staff training.
2 [uncountable]DSO physical exercises that you do to stay healthy or prepare for a competition [↪ train]:
Lesley does weight training twice a week.
be in training for something
She's in training for the Olympics.