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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishday releaseˌday reˈlease noun [uncountable] British English  SETa system that allows workers to spend one day a week studying a subject at a college
Examples from the Corpus
day releaseShe now attends a day release course in Glasgow studying for stage two of the Chartered Accountants Examination.However although many employers grant day release facilities, most of your preparation for the examinations will take place outside office hours.Unions eagerly encourage the further involvement of such women by means of day release or other union courses.So I then applied for a couple of jobs, and I was offered day release to do my A levels.A bog-eyed incubus on day release from hell?I've got four CSEs and I spent a year on day release, learning about making wreaths and business management.As very few allow them to pursue day release courses, the main provision is on an evening basis.Of the former, 10.1 percent were on full-time courses and 11.4 on part-time day release.