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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorientationo‧ri‧en‧ta‧tion /ˌɔːriənˈteɪʃən, ˌɒri- $ ˌɔː-/ ●○○ AWL noun formal  1 ATTITUDE[countable, uncountable] the type of activity or subject that a person or organization seems most interested in and gives most attention toorientation towards/to The company needs to develop a stronger orientation towards marketing its products. How can we get students to adopt a serious orientation to learning?orientation of He was unhappy with the commercial orientation of the organization.2 BELIEVE[countable, uncountable] the political opinions or religious beliefs that someone haspolitical/religious orientation The meeting is open to everyone, whatever their political or religious orientation. The party has a broadly socialist orientation.3 sexual orientation4 [uncountable]SET a period of time during which people are trained and prepared for a new job or course of study This is orientation week for all the new students.5 [countable]DIRECTION the angle or position of an object, or the direction in which it is facing
Examples from the Corpus
orientationNieboer-Erickson also speaks to all freshman athletes at annual orientation sessions.These are crystalline polymers with chain orientation virtually perfect in one direction.Thus in the intermingling of news and commercials we have a struggle of sorts between two different orientations.the party's liberal orientationNevertheless, a number of urban leaders viewed the shift in policy orientation with trepidation.Apologists wishing to exploit a revisionist history of science invariably stress the profoundly religious orientation of many prominent scientists.Such value orientation occurs in all public services.orientation towards/toIt also may be seen as the product of an allegiant orientation to the political system.Organizations can have a number of different orientations towards their markets.The subject culture does not eliminate diffuse orientations to the primary and intimate structures of community.Borehole break-outs have been found to give an indication of stress anisotropy thereby enabling the fracture orientation to be predicted.FIG. 4 Schematic diagram of protein-DNA contacts for one half of the complex, in a similar orientation to Fig. 2.Surprisingly frequently, leys also pass exactly through important and isolated farmsteads often on a similar orientation to the main buildings.A study that stressed orientation to public policy would require at least as much of a major effort as the present one.This orientation to language complements the way we conceive of remediation.political/religious orientationEven this, though, can be seen as a facet of the Minoans' religious orientation.In other words, we need to define and specify modes of political orientation and classes of political objects.We also defined the political culture as the particular incidence of patterns of political orientation in the population of a political system.More important, in the civic culture participant political orientations combine with and do not replace subject and parochial political orientations.Apologists wishing to exploit a revisionist history of science invariably stress the profoundly religious orientation of many prominent scientists.Rather than reacting against the political orientations of their families, they tend to extend the extremism of their families' views.And the religious orientation it reflects is unmistakably Essene.