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work experienceˈwork exˌperience noun [uncountable]  1 BEthe experience you have had of working in a particular type of job She’s well qualified but has no relevant work experience.2 British EnglishSET a period of time that a young person spends working in a particular place, as a form of trainingon work experience The teenagers spend two weeks on work experience in local businesses. Why do I have to do work experience?work experience placement/programme/scheme etc
Examples from the Corpus
work experienceMore than a few of us got our first work experience and learned positive work habits in this manner.My work experience is in a Third World country rather than in the United States or other industrialized country.My work experience made a large impression on my life.At Level One the student will contribute to the planning and arrangement of work experience.These were followed a little later by separate guidelines covering post-qualification work experience.Bring in related work experience with the emphasis on how quick you are to learn new skills.on work experienceWhat are the health and safety considerations on Work Experience?Do the figures include expenditure on work experience and, if so, what is that figure?Are young people paid when they go on Work Experience?Before you leave school to go on Work Experience you will be told which teacher to contact if you have any problems.The sharp difference in impact on work experience between the two applications was an entirely fortuitous outcome.Teachers welcome the involvement of trade unionists during the briefing of young people going out on Work Experience.Can the Union be involved in briefing and monitoring young people on Work Experience?When decisions about employability are based on school performance rather than on work experience, training opportunities are often limited.