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shuntshunt2 noun [countable]  1 TTTan act of moving a train or railway carriage to a different track2 especially British English informal a crash, especially in a car race His race ended after a shunt at the first corner.
Examples from the Corpus
shuntPorta caval shunt operations have not found favour in recent years because of the increased incidence of postoperative hepatic encephalopathy.Predictably, this meant there was no first corner shunt in the slightly damp conditions.Some linear systems have the control element connected in shunt rather than in series with the supply, see Fig. 2.Thankfully only minor shunts so far and the tow bar has taken the impacts.Subsequent modifications in the technique resulted in long term maintenance of shunt patency and infrequent migration of the internal stents.The peritoneovenous shunt is an established method of palliation for intractable benign and malignant ascites.Should this particular complication occur after creation of a successful shunt, it can be improved as described for patient 6.The shunt happened as she turned into the drive of Ludgrove School, at Wokingham, Berks.