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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstock carˈstock car noun [countable]  1 DLOa car that has been made stronger so that it can compete in a race where cars often crash into each other stock car racing2 American EnglishTTT a railway carriage for cattle
Examples from the Corpus
stock carHis hobbies are stock car racing and motor bikes.His headstone is embossed with a 1950s model Chevrolet stock car and his trademark No. 8.The loss of Earnhardt will reverberate around the track for ever; stock car racing just won't be the same.Earnhardt's death seems to have spawned a touch of indifference among the legions of loyal stock car racing fans.Now, the 25-year-old stock car racer is on the road to recovery after emerging from a coma.Corvettes took design, performance and comfort cues from a Talladega stock car, which made it red, white and brutal.Earnhardt-along with now-retired Richard Petty-was the most famous of the stock car circuit's drivers.