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tendertender3 noun [countable]  1 BB especially British English a formal statement of the price you would charge for doing a job or providing goods or services syn bid American English Our bid was the lowest tender.put something out to tender British English (=to ask different companies to say how much they will charge for doing a particular job) The contract for building the houses will be put out to tender.2 TTWa small boat that takes people or supplies between the shore and a larger boat3 TTTpart of a steam train used for carrying coal and water for the train bartender, legal tender
Examples from the Corpus
tenderHe looked after his wife with infinite care and tenderness.Methods of cooking such as braising and stewing are used to increase tenderness in tougher cuts of meat.Provided there is sufficient interest, tenders should also result in certainty of sale within a defined period.Pressure came in later years to accept the lowest tenders, irrespective of the quality of the bid.At the weekly tender each tender must be for not less than £50 000.put something out to tenderThe legislation takes no account of the expense that is incurred when a council puts work out to tender.