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thrust in Trains & railways topic

thrustthrust2 ●○○ noun  1 [countable]PUSH a sudden strong movement in which you push something forward He jumped back to avoid another thrust of the knife.2 MEANING[singular] the main meaning or aim of what someone is saying or doingthrust of the main thrust of the government’s education policy3 [uncountable] technicalHP the force of an engine that makes a car, train, or plane move forward
Examples from the Corpus
thrustWith a thrust of its fins, the shark moved through the water.Overall less thrust is produced in this situation as well.The main thrust of Prism's work is a belief that creative work can foster equality, joy and empowerment.We have seen the mechanistic thrust of literacy discourse in the past five years.The new jet engines that will deliver more thrust at top speeds.The overall thrust of her argument was that women are still oppressed in all areas of life.In the meantime there was no great political thrust for change, and in any case public expenditure restraints were tight.Archibol was shoved backward from the thrust of her bosom.It is difficult to argue with the thrust of Davidson's analysis of the situation.But with the thrust coming from the back the body is nose-heavy and liable to dive downwards.These thrusts are an expression of compressive forces, which shorten the crust.main thrustThat main thrust was not long in developing thereafter.This is currently the main thrust of new thinking about Bach.Nevertheless, supply-side doctrine provided a theoretical underpinning for the main thrust of his economic strategy.With many farm products now overproduced this was likely to be one of the main thrusts of training in the future.A series of attacks were launched in March, with the main thrust into the Manipur plain.The main thrust of Prism's work is a belief that creative work can foster equality, joy and empowerment.The main thrust of the operation has not been internalised or understood.The main thrust of the President's speech was an effort to appease the white right wing.