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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_343_ftrucktruck1 /trʌk/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 lorry.jpg TTRa large road vehicle used to carry goods syn lorry British English a truck driverpick-up/fork-lift/delivery etc truck (=large vehicles used for particular purposes) His car was taken away on the back of a breakdown truck.2 British EnglishTTT a railway vehicle that is part of a train and carries goods syn car American English coal trucks3 TTBa simple piece of equipment on wheels used to move heavy objects4 have/hold/want no truck with somebody/something
Examples from the Corpus
truckWhy would a family minivan be called a truck?Corporal Pocock found a rifle and hid by the wheel of a truck.There was a truck parked in front of the quarry.a garbage truckYou can borrow my truck to go to the store.I did not want to be sitting in my truck, waiting for a wolf to come by.There was an odd-shaped room, not a lot bigger than the cab of the truck itself.Branches scraping the truck again, a grinding downshift into first: and the truck jarring itself over dirt.The truck purred along the road, with the other truck following it.truck driverYes, my father is a truck driver.The sailor was by then a truck driver.Such as I was a truck driver, but I kept getting lost.Fork truck driver not looking where going. 24.The truck driver leaned out the window and asked where they wanted their ocean.The truck driver survived with injuries, firemen said.Also patron of bachelors, bus drivers, motorists, travelers, truck drivers; he is invoked against nightmares.John Heredia is a hard-working truck driver, father of nine and a Little League coach.